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New Patient Reviews:

Already Have Improvement

I have been to many different practitioners with no resolve for seven years. This guy right!! Knew before x-rays. I haven’t come close to finishing my treatments but already have improvements better than years of the kitchen sink attempts. I am so glad my flare up was intense enough that I came to Midwest and found a happy resolution.

Jetaime C.

Quick Help

Nicole was above and beyond helpful. She got me an appointment to be seen less than 24 hours after we called and emailed all the paperwork to my wife so I could fill it out ahead of time. Dr Hausch was easily able to see what my issues were and start helping me immediately.

Robert R.

Very Pleasant

Very pleasant and helpful staff. I was able to be seen the same day I called. Dr. Hausch was extremely professional, really took the time to listen and was very caring. I arrived with a lot of pain and anxiety about what would happen during the visit. I left the office with less pain, no anxiety and completely confident in the physicians ability to help me further. For someone who was petrified of seeing a chiropractor, I now can’t wait for my next visit! Thank you Dr. Hausch!

Jennifer R.

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