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New Patient Reviews:

Pleasant, Polite and Professional- Truly a Gem!

Dr Hausch is truly a gem! He is knowledgeable and explains everything before he does it and makes sure you fully understand what and why he is doing what he does. He is patient and answers all questions in depth. I have been seeing him on & off for many years and he is the only person who can fix my aches and pains. Having been with him since his previous location, I am spoiled and like to speak with Nicole for scheduling, billing and other issues- she is also a gem! I will say that everyone employed there has always been pleasant, polite and professional and I am thankful for that.

Carolyn K.

I Feel Relief From Pain I Have Been Experiencing For Years

I have not been to a chiropractor in over 2 years due to failed past experiences. I would leave the office in the same pain with no relief. I assumed that this may be the case for everyone who suffers with chronic pain. After only one visit at Greenwood Chiropractic with Dr. Hennigan, I feel more relief than I did after multiple visits to the previous practice, and I finally have a solution to alleviate this pain I have been experiencing for years.

Leah G.

So Helping and Professional

Dr. Hennigan was so helping and professional. She did an amazing job explaining everything and was extremely knowledgeable in Prenatal and Postnatal Chiropractics! I will definitely be recommending her to family and friends. The front desk was also very friendly and welcoming.

Jessica T.

The Exam and Treatment Means a Lot

This is the first time in two years someone has actually scanned my whole spine, and the first time someone has taken the time to explain find/explain what is going on. Now to treatment but just being able to see the problem means a lot!

Jackson B.

Very Professional and Friendly

I found your office and exam rooms to very clean and inviting. Your office staff is friendly and welcoming. I found the doctor to be very professional and friendly. He allowed me to explain my issues fully before he started to explain what he thought might be the problem. I really loved the way he explained each step of what he was gong to do and offered suggestions for me to do at home. I am so happy that I chose your facility.

Sandra F.

So Grateful That I Came

On the first visit, I didn’t know what to expect. But ever so grateful that I came. I came in with pain and left walking without pain. I would recommend anyone with lower back pain to come in and get your back cracked. IT WORKS. Since then I have had a few adjustments and stretching exercises. The staff is great, knowledgeable and very helpful. If I should need them in the future, I won’t wait so long. The office runs very well.

Juanita F.

Enjoyed the Process

Dr Hausch and the wonderful total staff (from front desk to physical therapists to massage therapists to other great doctors) are all consummate professionals, who truly have the imminent goal of not just alleviating pain, but restoring better health and improving quality of life! Thank you so much for helping me so much with better managing my chronic conditions, educating me on how to take better care of myself, all while enjoying the process!

Russell N.

Really Impressed

This was a level of care a cut above what I was expecting. I’ve been receiving treatment at the Shirley Ryan ability lab, who boast about being the top-rated rehabilitation center in the country, and the care here was much better. No detailed was neglected, the treatment is thorough, and the billing with my insurance was seamless. I sound like a commercial, but I was really impressed.

Kenneth P.

Dr. Hausch is Fantastic

From the treatment i received, down to every verbal detail I could ever want to know about my treatment. Professional, Informative, Honest and (in one word) AMAZING! I FELT AMAZING AFTER JUST ONE SESSION! To think I was waiting out this Stay at home order, in pain. The clinic is clean, well spaced and will wear masks at your request. Don’t delay, in pain. Go now!! Feel better! Why wait? Thank you again!

Jessica P.

Patient and a Great Listener

Dr Hausch is very knowledgeable with what he does. He was very patient, thorough with explaining everything, and a great listener. I felt very comfortable. And his staff is all so helpful and nice. I was feeling so much better after my first 2 visits! I am thankful to have found this office.

Jackie W.

Wonderful Experience

The experience was awesome–I called with questions, the lady eased my mind by explaining how affordable the visit and treatment would be. Then the doctor was very thorough in explaining his assessment and assured me the process would be helpful. Great visit. Have already spread the word to friends.

Craig B.

Ability To Move My Arm Without Pain

Dr. Hausch was amazing, very thorough and a great listener. He explained everything well, asked questions and took the time to answer my questions. I was at a pain level of 9 when I walked in the office and poor range of motion. I left the office after my immediate treatment with the ability to move my arm with out pain and was able to sleep without pain. I suffered for weeks with this and now I’m so much better. The staff was very friendly
and very helpful.

Susan S.

Concerns For Your Health Are Pure and Genuine

Dr. Hausch and his staff are extremely professional, kind, welcoming and knowledgeable. The concerns for your health and pain are genuine. The immediate response to calls and appointments are outstanding. The time the Dr. spends explaining your treatment, his direction for you and your overall improvement is very reassuring. It is wonderful to find someone like this in health care.

Ellen D.

Already Have Improvement

I have been to many different practitioners with no resolve for seven years. This guy right!! Knew before x-rays. I haven’t come close to finishing my treatments but already have improvements better than years of the kitchen sink attempts. I am so glad my flare up was intense enough that I came to Midwest and found a happy resolution.

Jetaime C.

Quick Help

Nicole was above and beyond helpful. She got me an appointment to be seen less than 24 hours after we called and emailed all the paperwork to my wife so I could fill it out ahead of time. Dr Hausch was easily able to see what my issues were and start helping me immediately.

Robert R.

Very Pleasant

Very pleasant and helpful staff. I was able to be seen the same day I called. Dr. Hausch was extremely professional, really took the time to listen and was very caring. I arrived with a lot of pain and anxiety about what would happen during the visit. I left the office with less pain, no anxiety and completely confident in the physicians ability to help me further. For someone who was petrified of seeing a chiropractor, I now can’t wait for my next visit! Thank you Dr. Hausch!

Jennifer R.