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Success Story of the Month!

In early October I was attending the annual block party on my street with a bunch of friends and neighbors.  I was speaking to one of my neighbors, Sandy when she began asking me about Chiropractic.  I have known Sandy, her husband Tom and their 2 kids, 11 year old Amanda and & 7 year old Daniel for several years.  Sandy was asking me a lot of questions about Chiropractic and children.  She asked if I treated kids, how young were they, what I treated them for and how the treatments worked.  It was clear to me that she wasn’t making conversation but looking for information.  Then the tone of the conversation changed.  Sandy got very serious and asked me if I had ever treated a child for bed wetting.  I told Sandy that I have treated kids as young as a couple days old with problems from Colic, to Asthma.  She then told me that Amanda has a bed wetting problem.  She told me that for the past 5 years her and Tom had taken Amanda to numerous doctors and specialists looking for help.  She told me about the medications that made Amanda sick, the painful testing she had endured and even how she had to see a specialist to learn how to go to the bathroom correctly.  All with no improvement.  Sandy told me her and Tom were frustrated and didn’t know where to turn.  Sandy told me she felt bad about asking me for professional advice at the block party but she was just so desperate she didn’t know what to do.  She told me how Amanda has never slept over at a friends or had a friend spend the night due to the fear that she would have an “accident”.  Sandy told me that one of Amanda’s greatest fears was having an “accident” at school.

I explained to Sandy that the nerves in the lower part of the spine and around the sacrum (tailbone) run to the bladder, colon, large intestines and reproductive organs.  If these nerves are impinged or irritated by misalignment of the spine, pelvis or sacrum then the organs that are controlled by these nerves would be affected also.  I told Sandy I would check Amanda and determine if Chiropractic care could help.

A couple days  Sandy brought Amanda to get evaluated.  When I examined her pelvis and sacrum I found significant misalignment.  Amanda was adjusted that day and 4 more times over the next couple weeks.  Each week brought improvement in Amanda’s bed wetting.  Once Amanda was stable I told Sandy to monitor how she’s doing and call if there are any problems.  I spoke to Sandy last week and she told me that Amanda hasn’t had an “accident” since her last visit.  That was over 2 months ago.  Prior to receiving Chiropractic Care Amanda was having 3 to 5 accidents per week.  Now after 5 Chiropractic adjustments she hadn’t wet the bed in 2 months!

If you have children that have a chronic or recurring problem such as bed wetting or ear infections get your kids in for a chiropractic evaluation.  Chiropractic is good for kids and it’s good for more than just back pain!